DocSetMinder® is a multi-functional tool based on the Microsoft SQL Server®, for the fulfilment of predominantly legally required documentation obligations in companies and authorities

For each of the different areas of an integrated overview of compliance and conformity, DocSetMinder® provides specific modules that are harmonised with each other and incorporate the relevant content in a structured way.

  • Organisation, quality management, environmental management, operating manuals
  • Compliance, internal control system, risk management, process documentation, data protection, SOX
  • IT governance, IT documentation, emergency management, IT service management, IT system audit

Acting in accordance with national and international laws and regulations (Compliance) by means of good, responsible, target-oriented leadership and monitoring (Corporate Governance) presents a significant challenge for the managers, supervisory committees and employees in businesses and public bodies. The basis for this is the appropriate and flexible presentation of the company-wide organisational units and processes.

The successful operation of a company without effective and efficient IT organisation is unimaginable these days. As a result of the constantly increasing complexity of IT, company owned and external service providers require thorough, up-to-date and accurate documentation, in order to be able to ensure the safe operation and necessary high availability of all IT services. In addition, various national and international laws require that the operation of the IT organisation complies with commercial law and tax law, and that it is documented.

Acting in accordance with laws and guidelines (Compliance Management) is essentially ensured by means of organisational and technical measures. The implementation and effectiveness of these measures must be documented and communicated to the different stakeholders, e.g. legislators, management, supervisory board, internal auditors, employees, suppliers, etc.

DocSetMinder® is suitable for any type of company documentation that has high requirements in terms of international standards, audit security, integrity, completeness and history. "Ready for Audit".