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Individual software development

We support small companies and large corporations in the areas of software development, IT infrastructure and IT project management.

To this end, we develop individual IT solutions that cover everything from analysis and conception to realization and implementation. As a "consulting house", we pursue a holistic systemic approach and develop all-round individual solutions with our customers, combining concrete requirements with the right minds and our many years of experience.

Our Strengths

For our daily work, we bring all the methods that a successful project needs. In order to proceed as individually as possible, we always adapt them to the conditions and processes of our customers.

Agile Software Development
Whether Scrum, Kanban, XP, Mob or Pair: we develop software in an agile way. This allows us to deliver fast results and meet the most diverse requirements.
With DevOps, we design and develop software at top speed. To do this, we bring developers (Devs) and IT operations teams (Ops) together in such a way that automated processes, direct feedback and continuous optimization get us to the planned goal as quickly as possible. Because DevOps creates a culture of accountability for all sides, it enables better flow and results in all phases of development.
CI/CD stands for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Because software delivery is automated here, our development teams can focus specifically on meeting requirements, code quality and security. Supplemented by continuous testing (CT), CI/CD increases software quality, shortens release cycles and delivers particularly high-quality applications.
Service-oriented Architecture (SOA)
The IT landscape of a company is often based on very different applications. It is often difficult to use parts of them in other areas of the company. With SOA, we open up existing applications via loosely coupled interfaces so that their functions can be reused for other applications. This avoids redundancies, simplifies maintenance - and saves costs.
Code Reviews
In every development process, the avoidance of errors is crucial. With code reviews, we ensure code quality not only retrospectively, but already during the active work on it: In addition to the responsible development team, we involve other developers* who find and document possible errors. The process is repeated until every error is corrected and our high quality standard is met.
Domain Driven Design (DDD)
Good software development is not only based on good technology, but also on good communication. Because developers and experts often work with different terminologies, problems of understanding can arise. With DDD we create a common language for a domain and a common understanding for interdisciplinary teams.
Event Driven Architecture (EDA)
The event-driven software architecture focuses on the capture and processing of events. Events can be triggered internally by the user (e.g. by touch), external sources (e.g. sensors) or the system. Compared to traditional systems that are driven by requests, we recommend EDA when organizations want to react more flexibly to changes and make decisions in real time.

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Agile Training and Coaching

Agile companies achieve higher margins and grow faster than average. We help new development teams to start with agile methods as well as already agile teams to improve and grow.

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Scrum Master

Our Scrum Masters bring Scrum teams to peak performance! They are in close contact with developers, product owners and stakeholders. If Scrum is to be integrated even more intensively in the company, our Scrum Masters manage the change process.

Agile Coaching

Our Agile Coaches optimize companies holistically. The focus here is on managing change and transformation, e.g. in developing strategies for agile work processes or adapting HR, administrative and financial processes to the agile enterprise.

Consulting & IT-Strategy

Together with our customers, we develop IT strategies, coach employees and managers, and optimize processes with the specialist departments. We are also available as interim or project managers. In doing so, we rely on trust, honesty and also take a critical look at existing technologies. For us, this is what constitutes consulting at eye level.

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Project Management

When managing and implementing IT projects, we combine classic and agile project management with targeted coaching. For this purpose, we can take on different roles, such as project staff or project manager. When structuring projects, we support with techniques such as IPMA, Prince2 or ITIL.


For individual IT architectures, we define structures and rules that coordinate the interaction of all components. These include, for example, the infrastructure, i.e. the hardware, locations and networks, the software, technologies and interfaces, as well as the architecture management, which includes, among other things, the planning of capacities and the securing of data.

Infrastructure and Operations

The best software can only work if it is available. We offer high-availability, high-performance hosting and housing solutions for web-based applications, as well as maintenance and support.

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The administration of large structures and the operation of complex applications are part of our daily routine. In addition to our internal infrastructure, we manage customer systems of various sizes. With an experienced team of system administrators, we take care of design, maintenance, care, migration and expansion.

Hosting / Housing

To customize every IT infrastructure, we count on the entire range of server and application operations. In addition to simple hosting and housing offers, this also includes scalable high-availability solutions based on virtual environments or Docker.

Data Driven Thinking

We believe in the power of data. And that a good data strategy makes every company more successful. Data-driven companies no longer make decisions based on gut instinct, but on reliable insights. This optimizes processes, reduces costs and increases revenue potential.

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Data Science

Our data scientists explore the potential that lies dormant in hidden data treasures. With data-based decisions, they shape future innovations and accompany companies on their individual data journey into digital transformation.

Data Engineering

Our data engineers are at work wherever data needs to be collected, stored, processed and made available. They model database and data flow architectures, improve the IT infrastructure and take care of data protection and data security.

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